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Loaded by Ruthless is now available in a salt nicotine form. Loaded NICSALT will become pod system users e-juice to vape on. Loaded on Salts brings you dessert flavors that pack a punch with how much flavor they have. They are available in 25mg and 50mg and come in 30ml chubby bottle.  


This divine vape juice is certainly one for the books. Cran Apple Juice brings you the mouth watering taste of rich cranberries and crisp apples. Cran Apple Juice will wash across your taste buds like an ice cold drink in the middle of summer, hydrating them to the max. With every inhale and exhale, the taste of cranberries and apples wash across your taste buds like the ocean washes onto the shoreline. This vape juice is an ultimate all-day-vape.


Following in a close second to glazed donuts, strawberry filled donuts are the best morning treat. Well now, you can have that strawberry doughnut without a guilty conscious. With Strawberry Donuts, you get the succulent flavor of a freshly baked, fluffy doughnut filled with sweet strawberry filling with no remorse. With every inhale and exhale of this vape juice you will be taken to another world of flavor that you've never been. This vape juice is so flavored packed you will feel as if you were hit with a semi-truck of flavor.