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Get ready for a taste bud overload with this newly released vape juice, Alpha Alternative. This menthol and fruit flavored vape juice is made with nicotine salt so, you can get maximum flavor! E-juices formulated with nicotine salts have some the biggest flavors. This is because nicotine salt flavored e-juices are able to reach the blood stream quicker. This ensures that the nicotine hits you much faster. All of the Alternative e-juices are formulated with nicotine salts and have menthol flavoring. The menthol flavor helps make the throat hit from the nicotine salts that much better! Alpha Alternative has the perfect balance between menthol flavoring and fruit flavoring. Try all five of these amazing nicotine salt flavored vape juices today!

The hardest decision you will make all day is deciding what Alternative vape juice flavor you will pick up. Each Alternative flavor has their own distinct flavoring which is what makes them all a vapers perfect treat! Alpha Alternative has four distinct different vape juice flavorings. Alpha vape juice has hints of sweet grape candies, fresh apples and a cooling menthol finish. You rarely find a e-juice that is flavored with fruit, candy and menthol but, this is no ordinary vape juice. This is Alpha.